4 thoughts on “Should I Bill for Work we don’t Use?”

  1. No professional should work on spec! Pro’s are service men/women, and should be paid by their effort, not the businesses choice to use/not use it. NOBODY gives away time, and says “yeah, i’ll work, but dont pay me if you’re not happy”. Usually this happens when there is hair in your food, and you cant eat it… if you build a system and it works according to agreements, and they should choose not to use it, they still commissioned you to work, thus should be required to pay you.

    If one collaborates with their clients, and they’re involved in discovery and provides information one wont have to do as much leg work. We want professional and elegant, not cheesy and overdone.

    One must listen to all their clients concerns, let them vent, tell them you’ll draft up some considerations and writeup which ideas you’d love to have, and which you think should be scrapped. Add things like “aggressive”, “soft”, “bright”, “clean” to allow them to describe “concepts”. Then disallowing specific design cohices will feel less significant to them because it’s still their “bright/clean” idea. 😛

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