ZACH-MELO&&BECCA-LONG-bwMy name is Zachary Melo and I am a Niagara based web media designer and producer. I specialize in providing a full package website solution as well as graphic design, photo editing, event photography, video capture, social media management, and consulting. I will work with you, from start to finish to create the exact product you need. By choosing me – and in turn Soak Media – you purchase everything direct from producer. If anything goes wrong, you have a single completely accountable business dedicated to your satisfaction.

I am Soak Media’s lead designer, with 6 years of front end design experience. Both real world freelance experience, as well as a recent two year stint at Niagara College – New Media Web Design – have culminated to create a truly talented designer. With a heavy focus on semantically correct code, and future leaning technologies; websites and online apps created in partnership with Soak will be up-to-date for years to come. I have become quite a fan of WordPress customizations, and have recently had a lot of experience with:

  • Custom themes and templates
  • Custom page layouts
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • E-Commerce Integration through WooCommerce
  • WordPress Fleet Administration
  • WordPress Security

I’ve currently got my eyes set on JS frameworks and developing lightweight web applications through such avenues. They offer rapid development and tools that can streamline and compliment development strategies already in place.

With a consistent drive like my own, I’m always pushing my boundaries. I’ve got my foot in a few industries, and am particularly fond of working with water. I am a local Water Gardening Expert, having previously worked with Cole’s Pond Store in Grimsby for several years.

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